6 Things To Look for Before Selecting A Transformer Manufacturer

Electrical Transformers

A transformer is vital to the proper operation of any major electrical device. Typically, the voltage of the current being supplied is different than what is required by the devices. This is where the need for a transformer arises. There are many different types of transformers available and you have to choose the one that fits your requirements. When you decide to purchase a transformer, first you need to zero in on the specifications of the transformer. After that, you need to figure out the manufacturer from whom you will purchase the transformer.

Getting a transformer that meets your specifications is not sufficient as the quality of the product is determined by the manufacturer as well. Getting a transformer from a good manufacturer results in a better-quality product that lasts longer and provides good service. Here are a few points to keep in mind while selecting an electrical transformer manufacturer:

A manufacturer that has been in the industry for a long time would have had time to make mistakes and learn from them. Over the years, a manufacturer will fine tune the maintenance procedure, reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs, increase the time between repairs, and add more functionality and features to the transformers. With time, manufacturers also master the process so that they can produce the highest quality product. They also understand the requirements of the customers better with time and experience so that they can manufacture exactly the kind of products that the customers need.

Safety and Testing
When it comes to a device, like a transformer, that is vital to the functioning of other devices, you should always choose one that goes through extensive testing and has strict adherence to safety standards. It is better not to take any risks when it comes to electrical equipment that handles high voltages and currents. If the transformer is not tested meticulously, it can fail at critical times and have disastrous consequences.

Range of Products
You may need different types of transformers and it is always easy to have one go-to manufacturer for your transformer needs instead of approaching a different manufacturer for each type of product. So, you need a manufacturer who supplies a wide variety of transformers.

Installation and Maintenance
You have bought the transformer. But now you need to search for someone to install it and then again find someone else to perform the maintenance and repairs. This can turn out to be a nuisance. It is great to have a manufacturer that performs everything from installation to maintenance. Since the manufacturers are familiar with the product, they are also the ones best equipped to perform these tasks rather than some third party.

Every customer will need different specifications for their transformers. That is why the electrical transformer manufacturer you choose should allow you to customize the transformers as per your need. At the very least, he/she should offer transformers with a range of primary and secondary voltages or currents and power ratings.

Deliver on Promises
When a manufacturer says that the transformer has a certain value of power rating, you expect it to function at that power rating. Good manufacturers should deliver what they promise to their customers. If they advertise that they will perform installation and regular maintenance and repairs, then they should definitely offer these services without fail.

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