What Are The Benefits Of Three Phase Transformers?


A three phase electrical transformer is a system for maintaining the current supply – increasing or decreasing it as per the requirement. Most large industrial units and factories deploy a three-phase transformer to regulate the voltage in the electrical system. They are usually used for generating, transmitting, and distributing electrical power over different systems.

More often than not, three phases use a dry type transformer. It is generally used in a power generation plant. The three-phase transformers are made of three primary and three secondary coils. They are built inside a single core. Sometimes, three single phase transformers can be combined to build a three-phase machine and installed in the space where electricity is required.

In this article, we will look at the multiple benefits of three phase electrical transformers. Three phase and single phase transformers – both have their unique capabilities. However, any three-phase transformer is capable of generating power for a large space that has massive current needs. Let’s see the advantages of these transformers over single-phase transformers.

Benefits of three phase transformers

Three phase transformers are preferred because they have several benefits. Sometimes, they can use the fourth wire for neutral current in low voltage conditions. It allows single-phase supplies to be offered at a constant voltage. Here are the benefits of a three-phase electrical transformer –

1. More power delivery

A three phase transformer provides the biggest advantage of supplying more power to the system than a single-phase transformer. Since there are three windings in the core, it is obviously more powerful. In essence, it is highly suitable for units where there is a heavy current requirement as three phases can easily provide that.

2. Inexpensive

Three phase dry type transformer is much cheaper than a single phase transformer. Since it has a single core with three windings, the cost of buying three single phase transformers is more. Power generator industries can save a lot of money by deploying three phase transformers.

3. Quick assembly

Assembling a three phase transformer is much easier than a single phase transformer. You can easily get single phase current from a three phase system but it is difficult to do the opposite. Since the three phase machine has three single phase windings, you can use it for supplying power for a single circuit.

4. Lightweight

You would be surprised to know that a three phase transformer is actually lighter in weight than a single phase transformer. Due to this, it is also easier to transport from one place to another. It occupies less space and can be easily installed at the power plant. The size makes it convenient and easy to move, enabling industries to install it wherever required.

5. Easy maintenance & repair

Three phase transformers are easier to maintain and repair. If any fault or issue arises in a single phase, the other two phases can take the power load. However, you can replace the entire three phase transformer or repair the single phase before use. Very rarely does the fault occur together in all three phases together. If it arises, it is easily resolvable.

6. Higher efficiency

Last but not the least a three phase electrical transformer uses much less power for operation than its single-phase counterpart. It provides continuous power to load, making it more efficient and cost-effective. It is a self-cooled transformer, which automatically gets ready for the next power requirement as it arises.

A three phase dry type transformer has multiple benefits over the single-phase transformers. While there are certain disadvantages to it as well like reduced capacity, they are nothing in comparison to the advantages it provides.