Why Power Transformers are a Necessity in the Modern World

In the modern age of digital technology, majority of modern devices such as laptops, smartphones, Internet devices, and other connected systems cannot function without the

Electrical Transformers

Important Mechanism of Electrical Transformers

Simply defined, an electric transformer (or simply, transformer) is a static device that transfers electric power from one of its electrical circuits to another electric


Strength and Weaknesses of Dry Type Transformers

Electrical appliances are generally incapable of bearing voltage fluctuation. They either get damaged or fused due to this. To tackle the situation, a transformer is


Three Phase Transformer and its Construction

A three way transformer is considered to be the backbone of the electrical power distribution system. It is used to transfer a huge amount of


Different Types of Transformers

A Transformer is an innovative invention in electrical engineering. It is the gadget that transfers power from one circuit to another without the need of


Step Up Transformers — all that you need to know

Transformers are electrical devices, used to change the voltage of power supplied to fulfill individual needs of power consumers. It follows the electromagnetic induction principle


Fundamentals of step up transformers

A transformer is static electrical equipment that turns electrical energy into magnetic energy and again to the electric energy. It is a vital electrical device

Role of Transformers in Manufacturing Units

Important Roles of Transformers in a Manufacturing Facility   Power forms the backbone of all manufacturing activities. It is a necessity for all industries regardless


Ways to Reduce Transformer Noise

Buzzing and humming noises are commonly heard from electrical transformers, which can be seen in both industrial and residential areas. The primary cause behind the


The Versatility of Three-Phase Transformers

Three-phase transformers are used for generating, transmitting, and distributing electrical power. A 3-phase transformer has three different voltages, and the currents differ in phase-time. A