Fundamentals of step up transformers


A transformer is static electrical equipment that turns electrical energy into magnetic energy and again to the electric energy. It is a vital electrical device which is available in different forms and types and each of them has its own advantages. In this blog, we will be focusing on step up transformers to let readers have a thorough knowledge of it.

What is a step-up transformer?

A transformer, whose secondary voltage is higher than its primary voltage is called a step up transformer. This particular transformer is known for its capacity for stepping up or increasing the received voltage to meet specific applications.

For instance, in a country with 110v electricity supply, step up transformers are utilized to power 220v products because of its capability to lift up the electrical voltage.

Functions of a step up transformers

A changing magnetic field is built in the iron core, every time an alternating current goes through the primary coil.  This magnetic field then stimulates the alternating current with the same frequency in the secondary coil. In general, a step up transformer has more turns of wire in the secondary coil that contributes to boosting up the received voltage in the secondary coil.

It is evident that the secondary output voltage is higher than the primary input voltage, which is why it is named as a step up transformer. In case the secondary coil has twice as many turns of wire, the amount of output voltage compared to the input voltage increases twofold.

In other words, a step up transformer amplifies the electricity voltage in the secondary coil based on the need or the application. The voltage gets increased from primary to secondary winding in such a way that helps adjust the power supply with the equipment.

This signifies that if you need to use an electrical device that operates with 220v and the main power supply is 110v, the step-up transformer will increase the 110v to a certain amount that will fulfill the power requirement of the given device.

It is better to be cautious about electronic devices. When you try to use it with an electrical appliance, do not forget to check its wattage capacity.

Advantages of step up transformers

Step up transformers are popularly known for its ability to distribute electricity to remotely located areas like towns and villages across the world. They have controlled the electricity price hikes by keeping it within an affordable range and also helped to make transportation charges of electricity to far off places an inexpensive event.

Other advantages include:-

  • It transmits power to a long distance
  • Comes with a low maintenance facility
  • It has the capability of working continuously
  • It can start operations immediately without any delay
  • Highly efficient

Step up transformers are commonly seen in factories and power distribution system for proper functioning. That is why it is crucial for you to get your transformer from a reputed step up transformer manufacturer that has transformers of different varieties to meet your requirements.

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