How To Choose Reliable Auto Transformer Manufacturers for Industries

Auto Transformer Canada

The primary and secondary windings of Auto Transformer are linked physically and magnetically, i.e. the same winding acts as both the primary and the secondary winding. This means that the transformer is smaller in size and the losses are also reduced. Due to these advantages, they have become very important for heavy industries.

When you purchase an auto-transformer, there are different specifications and ratings of the transformer that you need to know of beforehand. Along with these specifications, another important decision you have to make before the purchase is choosing the right auto transformer manufacturer. How do you distinguish a good manufacturer from a bad one? How do you zero in on a manufacturer?

1. Experiences:

If a manufacturer has been in business for a long time, it indicates that they are supplying good quality products. Anyone who supplies cheap and low-quality transformers cannot survive in the market for a long time.

With experience comes knowledge. This is true in the case of the manufacturers too. The feedback from customers results in manufacturers refining their products constantly to help them fine-tune their manufacturing process and give them an understanding of what the customer wants from them.

2. Installation:

An autotransformer may be compact compared to a traditional transformer, but it is still not a small object that you could carry in your car and set up. The autotransformers used for industrial purposes are big and heavy. This is why it is important to choose an auto transformer supplier who also offers installation services.

Also, ensure that the installation is done within a specified duration of time. After all, a 3 phase auto transformer is crucial for the proper working of the machinery, and you don’t want it to be lying around gathering dust.

3. Maintenance:

Every machine requires regular maintenance to ensure smooth functioning. A good auto transformer manufacturer will also offer regular maintenance services to the customers. It is a way of showing that they are committed to the customers. From the customer’s standpoint, this means that you don’t have to search for another service provider.

4. Guarantee:

Before buying any electrical product, the guarantee of the product comes first and foremost. The longer the warranty period of the product, the more trust the manufacturer has in it and its performance abilities. The warranty period is determined after extensive testing. When a transformer manufacturer is offering a longer warranty period, it indicates that most probably, you will not have any issues with the transformer during that period.

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5. Reputation:

Unlike transformers that are used for domestic purpose, if the auto-transformer being used for industrial use fails to perform or needs a repair, the functioning of the whole factory may be affected. The losses in such a situation are not small by any means. Before you make a purchase, enquire online from transformers manufacturer in the market and get recommendations from those who have bought their transformers. It is wise to avoid manufacturers who don’t have a good reputation in the market.

6. Customization:

Some manufacturers offer to customize the product to your needs while some others have a few standard configurations available. If you are unable to find a suitable transformer that fulfills your requirement in the standard list of products, some manufacturers like Electric Power Inc. can custom manufacture the transformer for you. This also indicates a dedication towards the customer on the manufacturer’s part and is definitely something to take into account.

7. Compliance:

Every country sets certain rules and regulations, and every manufacturer has to meet these criteria to ensure that their products are safe for use. Always check if the manufacturer is compliant with all these regulations to avoid any complications in the future.

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