Power Transformer – 8 Key Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing

Power Transformer

Making a purchase decision for power transformer can be tricky. You may rely on the claims of the dealer or take your own informed stand. However, to consciously choose the optimal configuration, you need to have some basic understanding of transformer concepts. This helps you grab the best bargain from electrical transformer manufacturer of your choice.

This post highlights cheif 8 key factors that matter when choosing the best power transformer.

1) Number of Phases

Single or Three phase; the type of transformer you need would be dictated by equipment type for which it is purported. Usually, single phase transformers are used for small-sized equipment used in households. ‘Three Phase’ caters to large industries where the load is higher. Power transformer manufacturer mentions the phase and type of equipment with which the transformer is compatible with its brochure.

2) Voltage Consideration

The primary and secondary voltages of the transformer relate to the input and output voltage requirements for your equipment. Incoming power supply determines these voltages.

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3) Transformer Frequency

Power supply to your facility needs to be factored in for considering transformer’s frequency. Incoming and output frequencies may vary in some instances. A frequency converter can be bought alongside the transformer to alter the output. Usually, imported equipment has varying frequency requirements compared to indigenous products.

4) kVA Rating of The Transformer

Your buying decision must be influenced by the maximum load you expect the transformer to be compatible with. kVA (kilo Volt-Ampere) rating of the transformer is an indication of the size and nature of electrical load the transformer is capable of enduring. If you are desirous of custom transformer manufacturing to suit the power needs of your equipment, you can specify the kVA rating to the manufacturer.

Accordingly, the voltage on the primary and secondary windings as well as current capacity would be customized by electrical transformer manufacturer. Always keep in perspective the maximum load that is required to be handled by the transformer.

5) Objective of Transformer

Another key factor that should be kept in mind is the purpose of the transformer. Transformers can be used for a variety of reasons. Your decision should be based on the outcome i.e. whether it is to be deployed for isolation, for achieving the K factor or to serve as an autotransformer.

6) Ambience of the Space where Transformer is to be Installed

Power transformer’s specifications would vary based on the environment where you purport to use it. If your transformer is to be used in an open space exposed to the weather elements, you need to order oil cooled or fluid-filled one. This would save the metallic windings from the hazardous impact of weather.

The Custom transformer manufacturing process also takes into account the ambient temperature. The temperature of the space where a transformer would function should be factored in during the design process.

If the transformer is meant to be used in hazardous space, its specifications should fulfill the stipulations laid down by regulating governmental authority.

7) Space Considerations

Usually, power transformers are manufactured as per pre-defined core sizes. However, it is not a constraint if you are running short of installation space. You can specify your needs to electrical transformer manufacturer to get it designed for installation in space available with you. This facilitates safe and easy lifting and assembling of transformer components.

8) Other Factors to keep in Mind

You need to factor in the way the transformer is to be configured. Accordingly, power transformer manufacturer would design the wiring. This would also ensure easy connection with other transformers in delta, star and other interconnections. Cooling methods, i.e. oil cooling, vacuum cooling, and other ways should also be considered. Choose wisely, and you would reap the highest return on investment.

Source: www.electpower.com