Power Transformers – What should you know before Purchase one?

Power Transformers

Transformers are an essential component of an electrical network. One of the major electrical networks that rely heavily on transformers and forms the backbone of the industrialized society is the power distribution network. A power transformer is a vital part of this setup.

Unlike usual transformers, power transformers act as step-up transformers or step-down transformers at high voltages. Their application is not limited to power distribution networks. They can also be used for industrial purposes and by electric utility companies.

The fact that power transformers operate at high voltages sets them apart from the other transformers. This also means that the factors you need to consider while buying one from a power transformer manufacturer will also be a little different. Below are 7 tips you need to consider before finalizing a purchase:

1. Power Rating:

As mentioned above, power transformers operate at higher voltages. But what exactly can be considered as high voltage? If the power rating of the transformer is above 200 MVA, then it is a power transformer. Power rating is the product of maximum operating voltage and current.

Sine a power transformer will be operating close to the maximum capacity, you need to ensure that the power rating is high enough. If the transformer has to handle a higher power than what is rated, it can get damaged. So, calculate the maximum power that the transformer may have to handle and get the transformer with the next higher rating.

2. Efficiency:

A power transformer is expected to operate at 100% efficiency. This also means that the losses from the transformer should be minimized as much as possible. There are two main causes for losses in a power transformer – the iron core and the copper winding. Having the core made out of high-grade, laser-cut and cold rolled sheets that have been assembled properly will ensure that the iron core losses are minimal. Similarly, the copper windings should also be made from high-quality materials.

3. Reliability:

Power transformers work around the clock without a break at maximum load capacity. The components are constantly being subjected to high mechanical as well as electrical loads, and you need to ensure that the transformer can withstand these conditions without breaking down.

Continuous windings with minimal soldering points or joints are a good choice in these conditions. Apart from this, purchasing your transformers from reputed and experienced power transformer manufacturers will also guarantee optimum performance.

4. Sturdy Tank:

Power transformers are huge and occupy a lot of space. They are also constantly subjected to the elements of nature. This is why the insulating coil and the winding and core assembly is encompassed in a tank. This tank needs to be strong, corrosion resistant, and leakproof.

5. Vector Group:

The vector group notation will tell you about the winding configurations and the phase angle difference between the windings. If your network has transformers being connected parallelly, then it is important that those transformers have the same vector groups. Otherwise, it can cause circulating currents and other disturbances.

6. Other Specifications:

You also need to check other specifications like the frequency of operation, which should be 60 Hz in Canada, whether the transformer is single-phase or three-phase. Based on the input and output voltage, there are two kinds of transformers – step-up transformers vs step-down transformers.

7. Power Transformer Manufacturer:

The manufacturer of the transformer is one of the most vital things to consider before you make a purchase. When you buy from a reputed manufacturer, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product that will last longer and will be reliable. A good manufacturer will also help you with the installation and do regular maintenance.

Elect Power Inc. is a well-established power transformer manufacturer in Mississauga, throuhg which you can avail various kinds of transformers. A power transformer is an investment in your Company. And like any other investment, there is a certain amount of research that you should do before buying a transformer. The points mentioned above cover all the basic information that you should know before making the purchase.