Step Up Transformers

A step-up transformer is a mechanism that converts the low voltage and high current from the primary side to the high voltage and low current value on the secondary side. It is used in transmitting lines for transforming the high voltage products by the alternator. A step-up transformer can be used for operating the microwave oven, X-ray machines, etc.

Step Up Transformer Manufacturers

Step Up Transformers are used to increase voltage and therefore require immense stability in voltage output. We are step-up transformer manufacturers in Mississauga, ON, Canada having years of experience in the transformer manufacturing industry. Our products are certified by CSA and we have UL recognition, which makes our products ideal for use in all kinds of appliances including the ones used for industrial and non-commercial use.

Standard And Custom Step Up Transformers

Since a Step Up transformer is required to increase voltage, its requirements can be quite diverse. This is particularly true for industrial units where a transformer might be used with machines worth millions of dollars. This is why one cannot afford to buy inferior quality Step Up Transformers, as it can result in a loss at a massive scale, including losses incurred due to damages sustained by machines, as well as loss in man hours. This is why we specialize in the manufacture of both standard and custom Step Up Transformers which can be tailored according to the precise requirements of the client.

Step Up Transformers For Global Clients

We cater for clients within Canada, as well as global clients from around the world. Hence, we have the know-how to manufacture transformers which may cater for a wide range of global standards and usage.

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