8 Points to follow Before Selecting a Transformer Manufacturer


Transformers manufacturers in Canada have a significant contribution to country’s economic growth. In order to transmit electricity at a utilizable voltage level and transmit to long distance industrial complex, Transformers serves as a key element of the electrical system.

ElectPower is one of the most dependable Transformer Manufacturers in Canada, which assist the consumers in picking up the transformer based on their design and installation needs. With the increasing requirements for transformers such as – deep freeze or extraction, compressing or extreme heat or lighting up industrial complexes, transformers are supposed to operate efficiently. If in case the transformers do not work reliably, they can hamper industrial growth.

However; it is important to understand and know the fundamental principles concerning transformers before buying them, to ensure optimized and efficient transformer operation.

1. The Purpose of Buying the Transformer

You must be well aware of how you would be using the transformer and what basic requirements it should serve. One should select the transformer based on the purpose such as high storage refrigeration, or for construction complex or others.

2. Know, How Many Phases are Required

Since you know the equipment better, it would be easy to determine whether to opt for a three-phase transformer or a single phase transformer. If you are a large business looking for a cost-effective solution, three phases are the optimal choice.

3. Voltage & Frequency Essentials

When deciding on a transformer, look out for the input and output voltage required by the power and voltage of your electrical equipment. Similar to voltage requirements, check for the frequency of the transformer. In case the input and output frequencies vary, one can use frequency converter at the output of the transformer.

4. Know the Transformer Operation Environment

The transformers can be placed at any location, whether indoor or outdoor, in all weather conditions, at extreme temperatures either in heat, moisture or even under the chemical impression. They are designed to perform well in all extremities. Look for the transformer, which works even in the extreme conditions.

5. Identify the Size and Space Requirements of Transformer

Depending upon the load handling and application requirement, transformer manufacturers design and build transformers to meet specific needs. Generally the transformers come in standard sizes but depending upon the space requirements, transformers can be customized.

6. Safeguard Specifications

Transformer manufacturers should provide protection levels for the efficient performance of the transformers. The safety measures include shelter from corrosion by exterior paint, alarm functions to know the pressure and temperature measurement. Some of the transformer manufacturers also provide real-time monitoring facility on transformers.

7. Transformer Manufacturers Adhere to Industry Standards and regulations

This is one of the most critical points to consider while selecting a transformer manufacturer in Canada. Check out whether your transformer manufacturer adheres to international transformer manufacturing standards from renowned organizations such as Electrical Manufacturers Association, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineer, etc.

8. Other considering factors

Other than the core elements listed above, some more factors need to be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Efficiency
  • Cooling Methods
  • Seismic Requirements
  • KVA Rating requirement
  • Insulation levels & Primary windings
  • Other accessories supplied with transformer-like temperature, pressure and vacuum gauge and monitoring tools

Choosing the right transformer manufacturer is crucial for your business. Thus, before making the important business decision of choosing a reliable transformer manufacturer, ensure to consider the above factors carefully.

At ElectPower, one of the best and leading transformer manufacturers in Canada, we make sure that you purchase the transformer best suited for your job requirement.