Ultimate Guide to Liquid Filled Transformers

liquid filled transformer

Liquid filled transformers are useful in a great many business and modern applications. This electrical transformer communicates current from one circuit by shifting the voltage level but not the frequency. Transformers are available in two kinds in view of the cooling system inside the transformer: dry-type and liquid filled transformers. The liquid filled or oil-type transformer was perhaps the earliest model of transformer. From that point forward, they are a popular choice among all industries.

What is a liquid filled transformer?

Liquid filled transformer, otherwise called oil filled transformer or wet transformer, is a power converter system particularly different from dry type transformers. It is a type of power transformer that utilizes non-conductive dielectric liquids to bring down the core’s temperature. These liquids are always a type of combustible mineral oil. However, a few systems work on other oil coolants like hydrocarbon and silicone.

Medium voltage oil filled transformers are a lot less expensive and have a significantly longer life expectancy of around 25 to 35 years than a dry type transformer. This makes it more viable for medium and high-voltage power transformation and distribution arrangements.

How do liquid-filled transformers function?

As the name suggests, liquid filled transformers utilize dielectric liquid to bring down the temperature of a frequently hotter transformer. It ended up being exceptionally productive in chilling down the equipment a lot quicker than in a step up transformer.

Medium voltage oil filled transformers are superior performance voltage converters because of their presentation at higher ratings. An Oil filled transformer, for this situation, functions properly at medium and high-voltage tasks. It includes both medium voltage oil filled transformers and high voltage oil filled transformers.

What’s more, this element is likewise engaging for more modest power plants and generators because of the transformers’ limited scale and less power in changing over voltages. Whether it is a 750 kVa or 2500 kVa liquid filled transformer, it, for the most part, covers a portion of the space of dry transformers.

Features of transformers

Albeit a liquid type power transformer has been accessible for a long time, new innovative upgrades improve their convenience, function, and performance. The windings and core of a wet transformer are totally low in the liquid. It fills in as a cooling medium as well as a protector to restrict stray flows.

The liquid filled transformer, otherwise known as oil-type transformers, have a long life expectancy, with a typical life expectancy of 25 years. Most presumably, it might have a helpful life of 35 years and a few additional years as well. This innovation is a minimal expense, adaptable, and easy to keep up with, unlike the dry type transformer which might cost a little more.

Applications of liquid filled transformers

Liquid filled substation transformers are useful to a large number of businesses and in modern applications. At the point when a bigger capacity is necessary, liquid filled transformers are helpful. They are prominently more effective in this application than a step up transformer. They assist both indoors and outdoors and serve different capabilities.

Three-phase liquid filled transformers are useful in applications like mining, car, and mechanical production system machines. They are as possibly useful in outside areas because of their additional cooling and safeguarding characteristics. Oil-type transformers are intended to persevere through outrageous temperatures and serious loads while holding underlying, electrical, and mechanical integrity.

Additionally, liquid filled or oil-filled transformers are regularly combined with other arriving or departing equipment to bring down utility voltage. The cooling properties of liquid filled transformers are by and large more modest unlike a dry-type transformer of a similar rating.


With a lifespan of almost 35 years and superior performance, liquid filled transformers are a great choice for current transference. They are highly useful in modern industries and factories where power needs are higher than ever before. It makes sense to install an oil filled transformer in places where power consumption increases regularly.