Why Power Transformers are a Necessity in the Modern World


In the modern age of digital technology, majority of modern devices such as laptops, smartphones, Internet devices, and other connected systems cannot function without the availability of one essential ingredient, namely electricity.

Flow of power and electricity into our homes and other locations would not be possible without the availability of power transformers. So, what does a power transformer do and why is it a necessity for the modern world? This article discusses this aspect.

What is a power transformer?

Like any other transformer, a power transformer is a device comprising of an electromagnetic core and a coil wrapper, and modifies the voltage and current of the electric power that flows through it. In other words, a power transformer can either increase or decrease the level of voltage or current in an AC circuit.

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Unlike other transformers, a power transformer is designed to handle high voltage inputs and can operate at 100% efficiency (as compared to 60-70% efficiency for other transformers). Typical power transformers can handle high voltages in the range of 33 to 400 kV. Additionally, power transformers use the disc-type of winding, which connects separate disc windings in a series, through outer and inner cross-overs.

Why are power transformers a must in the modern world?

Whether it is to light up our homes or keep the refrigerator working, the modern world needs a continuous and safe flow of electricity into residential or commercial establishments.

Power transformers, in association with distribution transformers, enable the transmission of electricity to any location. Power transformers receive electricity at extremely high voltages, which is stepped-down by the transformer to lower voltage levels that can be distributed through the distribution transformers to individual residential or commercial units. Lower voltage levels (or higher current) are suitable for the functioning of the electrical appliances that we use.

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Additional use of power transformers is at power generating stations, which produces electricity for a large city. Transformers help in stepping-up the generated power to ensure that the entire city receives electricity. Without the use of power transformers, power generated in the power stations would be insufficient for the entire city.

Depending on their use, modern appliances have different requirements of voltage, which is supplied to them by the power transformers. Additionally, power transformers isolate the electrical device from the main power supply, thus protecting them from any damage or risk.


Power transformers play an important role in regulating and ensuring the flow of electricity in our everyday life and a number of Power transformer manufacturers in Canada are making the best of their efforts to ensure your safety and convenience.