Auto Transformers

Electric Power Inc. offers a complete range of Auto Transformers which can be used for a variety of purposes. We offer transformers with a large range of KVA and voltage classes which are adequate enough to meet the needs of small, medium size or large firms. We’re based in Canada and cater for clients from around the globe. This makes us one of the premium auto transformer manufacturers in the business.

Transformers That Meet International Standards

Our Transformers are fully compliant with international standards as our products are CSA certified and UL recognized. All our transformers comply with recognized designs and manufacturing standards, which makes them suitable for application in different types of organizational units including anything from factories to data centers.

Rust And Corrosion Proof Transformers

We manufacture transformers from heavy gauge steel, treat them with a phosphate conversion coating, and paint them with ASA 61 Grey. Our products are made from high-grade CRGO steel, 99.9% pure copper and are highly efficient. Our Auto Transformers are completely resistant from rust and corrosion.

Free Auto Transformer Quote

To get your free quote, send us some basic details regarding your required transformer model, voltage and associated requirements. You can contacts by either filling out our Contact Form or by giving us a Call at: 1-877-722-7616 or 905-564-1006. Alternatively, you can contact us via Skype (electpower2 ) or drop us a line at Email:

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